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Team Leader: Masami Yokota HIRAI, Ph., D.
【Personal Career】
1989: B.A. in Agricultural Chemistry, The University of Tokyo
1994: Agricultural Chemistry, The University of Tokyo
Thesis title "Studies on the regulatory mechanism of the expression of sulfur-responsive genes"
1994-1997: Research fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).
She continued to study in same reseach theme.
1997-2001: Post-doctoral fellow of JSPS Research for the Future Program (Research associate of Chiba Univ.)
Her research subject was "Biosynthesis of Alkaloids".
2001-2005: Post-doctoral fellow of CREST of Japan Science and Technology Agency in Chiba University.
Her research theme was "The integrated analysis of transcriptome and metabolome of Arabidopsis under nutritional stresses"
2005-2008: Unit leader of the Metabolic Systems Research Unit in Riken PSC.
2008- Team leader of the Metabolic Systems Research Team.

【Duties on Scientific Societies】
The Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists: Editor of Plant Cell Physiology(2009-12), Committee member(2012-13)
Japanese Society for Plant Cell and Molecular Biology :Secretary(2012-13)

◆Interview & Article◆
Riken Research (2007) Vegetable matters
Science Fast Braking Paper - 2008
Riken Research (2010) Omics analysis nurtures the creation of functional plants

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Team Members

Team Leader
Masami Yokota HIRAI
Research Scientist
Research Scientist
Ryoichi SATO
Postdoctoral Researcher
Yushiro FUJI
Postdoctoral Researcher
Mengyao WANG
Visiting Scientist
Visiting Scientist
Yimeng LI
Visiting Scientist
Visiting Scientist
Takashi OSANAI
Visiting Scientist
Kensuke KAWADE
Visiting Scientist
Kentaro YANO
Technical StaffⅠ
Technical StaffⅠ
Muneo SATO (Mass Spectrometry and Microscopy Unit)
Hiromitsu TABETA
Student Trainee
Takehiro ITO
Student Trainee
Cui LI
Student Trainee
Thi Yen DO
Part Timer
Nami ONO

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Thi Nhung Do
(2019-21)Technical Staff
Jun Inaba
(2019-21)Student Trainee
Rui Li
(2018-19)Postdoctoral Researcher , (2020)Research Scientist
Ratklao Siriwach
Surina Boerzhijin
(2015-19) Student Trainee
Yuji Sawada
(2005-08) Research Associate , (2008-10) Postdoctoral Researcher, (2010-19) Research Scientist
Sarasa Amma
(2019) Part Timer
Akane Sakata
(2006-18) Part Timer
(2015-18) Technical Staff
Mami Okamoto
Hiromichi Akashi
(2014-17) Technical Staff, (2018)Student Trainee
Kieu Oanh Nguyen
(2018) Visiting Researcher
Eiji Okamura
(2010-17) Postdoctoral Researcher
Kansuporn Sriyudthsak
(2010-16) Postdoctoral Researcher, (2017) Visiting Scientist
Tomomi Sawada
(2012-14) Technical Staff, (2017) Visiting Technician
Jun Matsuzaki
(2016) Research Scientist
Vergara Luis Fredd Leonardo
(2014-15) Research Scientist
Hiroshi Kiyota
(2009-15) Visiting Scientist
Henning Frerigmann
(2015) Visiting Researcher
Gabriel Bosque Chacón
(2015) Student Trainee
Takeshi Furuhashi
(2012-14) Special Postdoctoral Researcher
Hiroko Iijima
(2011-14) Technical Staff
Yuka Nakaya
(2014) Technical Staff
Atsuko Watanabe
(2012-14) Temporary Staff
Doris Albinsky
(2009-11) Technical Scientist
Yoko Ide
(2007-11) Student Trainee
Chieri Kubota
(2010) Visiting Researcher
Mark Kroggel
(2010) Visiting Technical Scientist
Mutsumi Nagano
(2009-10) Technical Staff
Ryoichi Araki
(2007-09) Visiting Scientist 
Akiko Maruyama
(2009) Visiting Scientist
William Truman
(2009) Visiting Reseacher
Mitsuru Yano
(2006-09) Student Trainee
Osamu Nishizawa
(2007-08) Visiting Scientist
Romy Klausnitzer
(2007-08) Visiting Researcher
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